"systemd" and "zeitgeist" daemons as great security risks

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Re: "systemd" and "zeitgeist" daemons as great security risk

Postby Fernando Negro » 2018-04-11 22:12


Please, (unless your intention is to derail this important thread) stick to the subject of the security concerns - or broader related issues - that I raise in my initial post.

stevepusser wrote:So, speaking as the lead packager of MX Linux, what on earth would we have to do to get any trust from you? Our repository and sources are open to all, the MX applications are developed openly on github, and anyone can join the development team, if only as beta testers.


(Feeling forced to reply to that - and, trying to make my response as short as possible...)

I've never tried "MX Linux", in particular. But, having I looked at "antiX", and really not liking what I saw, that feeling is naturally extended to anything related to it.

Concerning the political nature of such a group,

As I said, it's a *long* story ... And, I couldn't explain it (and present proofs of my claims) without turning this into a (very) big political discussion.

But, speaking about facts that every person in here can understand - and, that are even related to my security concerns,

If the people at "antiX" would like to generate trust among their users, they could start by not encouraging people to install "cool" apps that allow the "remote access" of our computers and networks. Since that, every person that really knows how the Internet works, knows that to have such a kind of doors, that allow the remote access of our equipments, is a ridiculously *huge* security risk.

Any password used in such type of sessions can always be intercepted and decrypted. And, such encrypted connections can also always be decrypted - and, who knows, interfered with, taken over etc. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZQXxUmROIU#t=1h8m25s)

And, the part of serving as a "trap", in this case, is that: by encouraging people to use such type of connections, like "voice chat between two pcs via encrypted mumbl", and telling people that they are safe when using them, you're encouraging people to reveal and do things (over such connections) that they wouldn't if they were convinced that the connection was not secure - which, in fact (by its nature) is exactly what it always is. (Since that, as I recently mentioned in another thread, in this forum - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=137002&start=60#p670674 - *everything* of more important that people do on the Internet is being surveilled, recorded and decrypted, by the "powers-that-be".)

Listen to Edward Snowden, if you have any doubts that "Big Brother is watching you".

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Re: "systemd" and "zeitgeist" daemons as great security risk

Postby n_hologram » 2018-04-11 22:31

stevepusser wrote:Balderdash and folderol!! Farnsworth works only for the benefit of mankind! Plus all the other alien species! He brings only good news to everyone!

I still don't understand why you don't preface every new post in this thread with "Good news, everyone!"

zeitgeist-core ranks pretty high on popcon. It is a little unsettling that almost 33% of Debian users [who submit to popcon, that is] are okay with a data-logger like this. I see no value in it for non-corporate user.

Btw fernando, you lost credibility with Alex Jones lol.

But, just for fun, tell us about the government surveillance in Portugal these days.
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